Arizona's Drain Plumbing Experts


When you have blocked or leaking drain lines, from sewer main lines to floor drains, you can rely on the expertise and professionalism of Schuelke Plumbing to help. With a range of powerful drain clearing and repair solutions, from cabling and jetting to tree root destruction all the way up to 'no dig' replacements, and an unsurpassed level of service, you can be sure that you've chosen Arizona's best solution for your drain clearing and plumbing.

HydrojettingProblems that Schuelke Plumbing solve 24 hours a day, 7 days include: CLOGGED DRAINS, SEWER DRAIN LEAKS, LEAK LOCATION, PRE-PURCHASE DRAIN INSPECTIONS, ROOT INTRUSIONS, and COLLAPSED SEWERS. If it relates to drain plumbing, Schuelke Plumbing can help with a full choice of solutions, including 'no dig' trenchless sewer repair which can save you thousands in unnecessary landscaping and driveway repairs caused by the backhoes other plumbing companies use.

Great reasons to call Schuelke Plumbing for your drain and sewer plumbing needs in Phoenix and the Valley of the Sun today:


  • Cleaning your lines1. Arizona's Drain Cleaning Experts:

    Schuelke Plumbing works clearing drains and sewers 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Your Schuelke Plumbing expert is more likely to have the experience and equipment needed on-hand to clear your blockage. We are fully licensed, insured and bonded, as well as being BBB members. We have been independently-rated 5 stars for service.

  • Root Intrusions2. Amazing Warranties on your Drain Cleaning:

    Schuelke Plumbing provides a warranty on all of your drain clearing - you can be sure that the job will be done properly. It's what sets us apart - we can guarantee that your drain will stay clear with our comprehensive jetting solutions.

  • Trenchless Technology3. The Latest Drain Repair Technology:

    You can call upon the latest drain technology for your drain problems - it means more choice, better clearing, faster repairs, and less invasive or disruptive work. Schuelke Plumbing uses only the latest 2010 technology including our jetting service, CCTV sewer camera inspections, leak locating and trenchless sewer repairs. It's the latest technology to give your home or business the best in drain clearing.

  • 4. Rapid Response, On-Time, 24 hours, 7 days:

    When you have a blocked or backed up drain, you can rely on Schuelke Plumbing to be there fast, at a time convenient to you.

  • 5. Dedicated and Hard-Working:

    Clearing away your drain or sewer blockages can be hard work - that's why you'll appreciate a team of dedicated, clean-cut, tidy, professionals committed to your total satisfaction with your clearing and repairs. Our reputation as Phoenix's drain professionals depends upon it.  When you need a Phoenix plumber you can count on Schuelke Plumbing.

  • 6. Flat Rate Price, Up-Front:

    When you choose Schuelke Plumbing you know the price up-front, it's peace of mind for you.

  • 7. Great offers!

    Schuelke Plumbing's great offers can save you both time and money! Not only can we save you on your drain clogs, but we all of our trucks are equipped with CCTV sewer cameras. Speak to us about a preventative main line camera inspection for only a further $49 - saving you over $275 on the printed national book rate for camera inspections, and about our $64 drain cleaning special. Our professional technicians can help diagnose problem root intrusions and other problems - which can help save you from costly sewer leaks and collapses in the future. If you are about to purchase a house a pre-purchase main line inspection could save you before you buy a property in an 'Orangeburg' area (it's a type of old sewer pipe common in Arizona, but they are now beyond their life expectancy and are collapsing underground).

$64 DRAIN CLEANING SPECIAL: Conditions apply, call for details.

When it comes great service, expertise and the latest technology for your drain and sewer clearing in Phoenix, you can rely on Schuelke Plumbing. Covering all Phoenix and the Valley of the Sun including Chandler, Gilbert, Glendale, Mesa, Peoria, Phoenix, Scottsdale and Tempe - call Schuelke Plumbing today at 480-376-7621, 602-428-6350 or 623-321-3410.