Delighted Customers

"When I called the twins, they sent Manny out to my home. He was able to install clean-outs in my sewer line, hydro-jet the roots out, and run an epoxy lining system in my sewer line without digging up my entire yard! He even ran the system under my house.
Manny and his crew were in and out, and never even had to open up the floor of my house once. With the money that I was spending on plumbers clearing my drain from all of the way up on my roof, this decision was beyond a sensible one for me."
Kevin Hanson

"Since purchasing my home three years ago, I have had to replace two faucets, one shut-off valve, and had to withstand horrific water damage due to a water leak under my house’s slab. My most recent ordeal was the failure of that second faucet. The Twin Home Experts sent Dan out to my home. He is an extremely knowledgeable guy, and educated me on why my home is having the plumbing problems that it is... HARD WATER!
I regret not calling such a professional company sooner. Maybe then my darn slab leak would have been avoided! Dan ultimately installed a whole house water treatment system for me, with payments that are extremely affordable. I love that this system requires no salt, unlike the unit that I had had on my old home down in Tucson. I was able to IMMEDIATELY feel the difference in the water quality in my shower.
It is quite literally like night and day!
Thanks, Dan!"
Nicole Yule

"Last Wednesday I came home from work to a flooded yard. I called this company up, they arrived promptly, and stopped my leak right away.
I am very happy that I called a company that I can evidently count on!"
Mike Isbell

"After calling two other companies to investigate my high water bill with no avail, the twins sent Terry out to my home. This man not only identified which water line was leaking under my home, but pinpointed it too!
He even had the problem fixed the same day!"
Jim Duncan

"Let me just start off by saying these guys are not only professional to do business with, but are extremely knowledgeable in their field. I own several rental properties in the Phoenix area, and getting work done on them is a huge hassle, being that it is hard to trust a company when I live in Vermont. Thankfully, when my property in Glendale needed extensive sewer rehabilitation, I called this company. Their technician, Ira, called me as soon as he made his diagnosis, and emailed me a video of my sewer line to discuss the problems that he had found. While going over my rehabilitation options with me, he gave me excellent guidance, and helped me make the best purchasing decision fit for my scenario.
His crew had the job done in a day and a half, afterwards my tenant was thrilled that they left absolutely no trace of their former presence on my property."
Joe Webb

"I will be honest. I called a different company before calling the twins for my slab leak. This first company left me feeling uneasy, so, following my gut instinct, I called the twins for a second opinion. Not only did the first company offer an unnecessary solution that was going to cost an excessive amount of money, but they were so naïve that they were going to unknowingly contaminate my 1977 home with asbestos! Luckily, the twins are certified in handling this stuff, and took the proper precautions before cutting into my house’s drywall."
Thomas Willis

"When we had those horrible recent rain storms, unbeknownst to me for nearly three weeks, my garage has sustained some significant water damage. Enough time had lapsed between the introduction of moisture and me taking notice of the incident that mold had actually began to grow! My neighbor had recommended this excellent company, so I gave them a call. Dan came out to my home, and not only did he orchestrate the reconstruction repair after the demolition and mold remediation, but he even ordered, and temporarily relocated, and then replaced, all of the belongings stored in my garage, to an on-site storage container. It felt nice to know that ridding my garage of potentially dangerous mold was in good hands!"
Mary Jane

"I am the president of one of the largest homeowner associations here in Phoenix, and we have been using this company as our exclusive vendor for everything from plumbing, water damage and mold remediation, and even minor reconstruction for nearly a decade.
It sure is nice to have a company that I can count on for those inevitably untimely emergencies 24/7.

Thanks guys!"
Jerry Hassler

"I used the twins for some sewer work on my home just a few weeks ago, and I must say, these guys are most certainly not the stereotypical “plumbers”! When Dan had knocked on my door, I had actually mistaken him for our local letter carrier! To say the least, Dan worked on my home with the same care and precautions that I am sure that he would take on his own home.
I certainly now know who I will call for any and all future plumbing needs!"
Beverly Smith

"I am so glad that I found this company! Less than six months after spending a great deal of money on a custom stone floor in my master bathroom, I experienced major sewer problems under my nearly brand new floor! The first company that I had called quoted me a bid to remove my entire floor! Manny came out to my home, and repaired my problem with his pipe-bursting equipment, leaving my precious floor entirely intact!
He was even in and out the very next day!

Thanks Manny!"
Jimmy Cox