Latest Drain and Sewer Technology


Schuelke Plumbing are your drain technology experts in Arizona.  Using the latest 2012 technology means more choice, better clearing, faster repairs, and less invasive or disruptive work for your drain and sewer plumbing problems.  Schuelke Plumbing's technology includes:


  • 1. Trenchless 'no-dig' repairs:

    Pipe Bursting ProsSchuelke Plumbing are able to repair your drain and sewer lines without digging up your yard, patio or driveway with our trenchless repairs.  Schuelke Plumbing's pipe-bursting technology can replace entire pipes underground - it uses the path of the existing pipe, bursts it out of the way, and pulls through the new pipe behind it for a long-lasting solution.  One of the benefits of Schuelke Plumbing's technology is that it can replace the old pipe with new pipe that is the SAME size or LARGER, other technologies make the pipe smaller which reduce the pipe's effectiveness.

  • 2. Schuelke Plumbing's state-of-the-art hydro-jetting:

    Advanced HydrojettingIt's a complete modern step-up from companies that can only rooter or cable your drain problems.  When that doesn't work customers need to call Schuelke Plumbing to do it properly.  This has important implications for commercial enterprises that need speedy repairs.  Where a rooter tries to munch it's way to clear a blockage, HydroDrain can deliver up to FORTY THOUSAND psi of water pressure directly at the problem and clear the entire pipe, not just make a path.  It cleans it as well as clearing it, meaning that more of the pipe gets reopened, hopefully decreasing the chance of your problems reoccurring.  HydroDrain jetting is also safer for the integrity of your piping.  It can even jet around corners, for the most inaccessible problems.

  • 3. CCTV fiber optic sewer camera inspection:

    Our fiber optic inspections are a type of sewer video inspection that aid enormously in the diagnosis of drain problems.  More accurate diagnosis makes for better solutions - the right solution for your problem in exactly the right place.  It also means that YOU can see underground, you can see your own drain problems before deciding on solutions.  Schuelke Plumbing is committed to giving customers more choice in solving their drain problems.  CCTV sewer camera inspections are an important part of that process.  You can even save over $275 on an inspection today (conditions apply, call for details).

  • 4. Leak location:

    Being able to locate the precise location of a leak underground is critical to solving drain problems quickly.  That's why Schuelke Plumbing uses the latest 2010 leak location technology.  It's an area that is constantly improving - the basis of the technology is acoustic - monitoring minute differences in sound between multiple spots with the background noise removed.  You can rely on Schuelke Plumbing's expertise when it comes locating the source of your drain or sewer problems.

When it comes great service, expertise and the latest technology for your drain and sewer repairs in Arizona, you can rely on Schuelke Plumbing.  Covering all Phoenix and the Valley of the Sun including Chandler, Gilbert, Glendale, Mesa, Peoria Phoenix, Scottsdale and Tempe - call Schuelke Plumbing today at 480-376-7621, 602-428-6350 or 623-321-3410.